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    龙8官网long8"A comparison suggesting warmth and a grate-fire. I vote for the river," said Lottie, promptly.


    "What makes you think so?" he asked somewhat confusedly.
    "Won't you please tell me all that you can remember about yourself?"
    "Tell me one thing—has she seen him yet?"


    1."If you take that view of the case, I may be under the necessity of giving proof positive to the contrary by coming out to-morrow."
    3.It was most fortunate that my wife had not come. I had recently been appointed chaplain of Hampton Hospital, Virginia, by President Lincoln, and was daily expecting my confirmation by the Senate. I had fully expected to give my wife a glimpse of army life in the field, and then to enter on my new duties. To go or not to go was a question with me that night. The raid certainly offered a sharp contrast with the anticipated week's outing with my bride. I did not possess by nature that kind of courage which is indifferent to danger; and life had never offered more attractions than at that time. I have since enjoyed Southern hospitality abundantly, and hope to again, but then its prospect was not alluring. Before morning, however, I reached the decision that I would go, and during the Sunday forenoon held my last service in the regiment. I had disposed of my horse, and so had to take a sorry beast at the last moment, the only one I could obtain.
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